Andy is based in London, Philipp in Berlin. We’ve worked together for many years, have no secrets, and aim to be as interchangeably helpful as possible to you. We’ve both been in startups for more than 12 years and have seen hundreds of transactions, so you can count on us giving you no-BS answers, including “I don’t know” where we can’t help. That said:

Andy is more of an expert on product strategy, technology, and legal issues. He is traveling to the US a lot, and can connect you with a lot of our community in New York and SF. Check out his AngelList and Twitter profiles to learn more about him.

Philipp is our go to guy for all things communication, positioning, and fundraising from our network. He’s one of the most connected investors in Europe, and you can utilize him as such. Check out his AngelList and Twitter profiles to learn more about him.

We both love sneakers, interesting food, weightlifting, music with boom and bap, and serious discussions. Overall, we’re trying to have a good time with the people we work with, so let’s hang out more. 

how we work with founders:


  • We will always be fastest to reply if you send us a message on WhatsApp or SMS. If we haven’t yet, let’s set up a WhatsApp group with all of us. You can ask for quick references, updates, input on anything you like. 

  • We try to answer emails quickly, and they are the best way to discuss a larger issue or get deeper feedback. We don’t mind who you email - but please always cc panda@tiny.vc, so we’re both up to date. 

  • We will be in touch regularly to ask or report progress. However, it’s even better if you just include us in your email updates to all investors - we tend to jump on things we can solve quickly. 

  • We thrive on feedback, so please don’t hesitate to be honest and forward. You might know one of us better, so feel free to criticize in private. 

  • Never worry about delivering bad news or tough decisions. If you want to discuss things before you talk to your wider investor group, we’ve been there and done that, so just call. 

  • Please reach out when you’re in town (London or Berlin) and we are happy to meet up for a coffee, help with a desk, or make some intros. 


  • We aim to be helpful in specific ways, most importantly in hiring and fundraising. Reach out when you are doing either, and we will help with tools and well tested processes. 

  • Fundraising in particular should be planned at the latest when you are down to 6 months of runway. In that case, get in touch and we’ll help you with a plan and process to raise. 

  • If you want to talk to an expert from our community, text us or email panda@tiny.vc. It’s easiest if you tell us your problem, and who (or what type of person) you want to talk to. We’ll see who to connect you with. 

  • We won’t be of too much help with customer introductions and sales. Again, we will see what process and tools can be useful for you instead of blanket intros. 

  • We will reach out with investor, expert, event or due diligence related questions and intros. If you don’t have time, please let us know - you have a company to run.